Claybies | Handmade clay miniatures
Claybies | Handmade clay miniatures
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About Me

 My name is Ruby and I am a self-taught clay miniaturist and lover of all things tiny.

I have been creating polymer clay sculptures since 2012. I call my sculptures 'claybies', short for clay babies. My style is largely inspired by fond childhood memories of old school video games and cartoon shows. I enjoy creating pieces of both original and fandom design.

When my hands aren't busy kneading a piece of clay, I’m likely giving belly rubs to my good boy Finn (pictured), tending to my 50+ indoor houseplants, or playing the latest installation in the Pokémon series.



2016 | Guinness World Record Award for 'Smallest hand made Pokemon sculptures' (link 1) (link 2)

2013 | Philadelphia Science Fiction Society Artwork Award for "Best 3D Aspiring Professional Artist"

2012 | Philadelphia Science Fiction Society Artwork Award for "Most Playful" 


Honorable mentions




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Cincinnati Comic Expo 2021
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