Claybies | Handmade clay miniatures
Claybies | Handmade clay miniatures
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Frequently Asked Questions / Policies


Where do you sell your work? 

Apart from my online shop, I will occasionally announce flash sales on Instagram or sell my work in person during craft fairs and events local to the Midwest. You can find upcoming events I am planning to attend here


Shop restocks/updates

The shop will typically be restocked with new pieces monthly. For shop updates and exclusive news about discounts and giveaways, feel free to sign up for my newsletter


Do you have customer reviews? 

You can see a historical record of customer reviews on my Etsy.  


Story behind the paw print logo?

In the earlier days of my craft, I created the username 'lonely southpaw' for much of my online social media presence including EtsyFacebook, and DeviantArt. Then came the idea of a south 'paw' print as my logo. I typically sign my paw print insignia with acrylic paint on the bottom of all of my sculptures, with exception to my much-too-tiny sculpts and micro bottles. I am indeed a southpaw (left-handed), but a little less lonely these days :) 


Intended Use & Audience

Please be mindful that my sculptures are intended for display/collectible purposes only. Given the small size and delicate nature of my work, they are not intended to be used as toys or for small children as they may present as a potential choking hazard. 



Pricing of my work is based on the time required to create each individual sculpture, skill, and high quality materials used to make them. I take pride in making every piece by hand individually so each piece has its own unique look and personality. Most of my work starts around $20 USD and up. 


Process & Materials

All sculptures are crafted by hand from oven-cured polymer clay. I generally use Super Sculpey, Super Sculpey Firm, and Premo for most of my work. Using the tiniest brushes (typically 10/0), professional grade acrylics are used to give pieces their vibrant color and precise detail. Sculptures are finished with a coat of matte or glossy varnish depending on the style for a protective smooth finish. 


Shipping & Handling


Sculptures are carefully tucked into a clear plastic gift box and ready to be gifted to a special someone, yourself included! Orders are shipped in a sturdy corrugated cubic shipping box with layers of soft fiber filling to provide extra padding and protection during shipment.

Domestic/US Orders: All orders are shipped within 1-3 days and delivered via USPS First Class Mail service with an expected delivery time within 2-5 business days, with potential for longer delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

International Orders: All orders are packaged within 1-3 days and delivered via International USPS First Class Mail service. Please note that delivery time may vary, typically within 3-4 weeks, with potential for longer delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, depending on country of destination.


International Customs & Import Taxes (outside U.S.)

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I'm not responsible for delays due to customs.


What if my sculpture arrives damaged?

I package my sculptures with utmost care to avoid injury during shipment. This includes the use of a sturdy cubic corrugated shipping box with two or more layers of cushion/filling. If your order appears to have broken during transit, please notify me within one week from date of its arrival along with a photo of the shipment at to arrange a solution. 



Once an order is made, all sales are final. I do not accept exchanges or cancellations. Returns are made on a case-by case basis depending on reason/damage during transit.